touching the sky in the Wasatch




The Pfeifferhorn in the Wasatch mountains allows sweeping views right above Salt Lake City. Yet make no damn mistake about it: this is a backcountry wilderness hike any way you slice it. The trail goes up–and up and up–and it’s really more route-finding the closer you get to your destination. But if you can hack it, this is a fantastic peak to tuck onto your bucket list.


Bonus: if you take the Red Pine Lake trail to it, you also get to see a super sweet alpine lake. Summer is, as usual, a fine time to visit, though you might have to steer clear of thunderstorms. Those with any fear of heights need not apply.



2015-07-14 12.18.51

well above treeline here


Red Pine Lake is a pretty nice roadside attraction to check out along the way.



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