big horn sheep, a sleeping ute, and the canyon lands

Very, very cool skull with complete horns (this would have been a find, most likely, rather than a kill, for those of you concerned about such things) mounted on the wall of the pottery shed at Kelly Place, an amazing little b&b/retreat center in McElmo Canyon in Cortez, Colorado. They border the Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, serve truly divine food (all you with meat & potato diets, look elsewhere), and are right under Sleeping Ute Mountain (the other photo), a sacred place to the Ute Mountain Ute tribe. Worth a look-see… Check them out at Go for the separate lodging, the little casitas, rather than the rooms in the main lodge; the walls are paper-thin and you can hear everything–and I do mean everything, even bathroom specialities. I’ve stayed there twice, both times with programs with this amazing company:, another place you should check out…but only if you think you can handle it! It can be a little unnerving when your soul starts talking to you–or rather, when you finally start listening to your own soul….

Anyway, thought the picture was cool. Both of them. Had to share….

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