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Meeks Mesa photos

This was a hella windy day. But very clear as a result of said ridiculous winds.

The trail starts out on a bentonite hill.

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hiking in my southern utah stomping grounds

I realized I don’t much talk about specific hikes around here.

Recently, I mentioned Spooky and Peek-a-Boo slot canyons, and those are super cool hikes not to be missed. (As long as you are neither claustrophobic nor well-nourished, as noted.)

Last year, I posted pics and raves about how gorgeous Lost Lake, up on the Boulder, is. (This post also somehow morphs into Hillary Clinton, the Milky Way, and lightning. Don’t ask. You’ll have to read it, heh.) Then there’s the anti-ATV (well, anti-piss-poor users of ATVs) rant that happened because of another horseback ride up to Lost Lake.

Hmm, then there was the one about seeing bighorn sheep along Pleasant Creek Canyon in the Park. No pics, as I’d forgotten my camera that day…but I often see sheep in that canyon. And it is sooo gorgeous there.

Ooh, Natural Bridges National Monument, just down the road from Torrey out in Cedar Mesa. Total wow out there.

There are so, so many hikes I can mention. I’ll have to start doing that, and posting pics along with them, of course.

I just wrote a “travel tip” for a nicely-organized travel site called Travel Dudes. My tip was, oddly enough (lol) about Best Hikes in Southern Utah’s National Parks. All of the parks down here are, pure & simple, AMAZING. And each is so in its own way. Am I partial to Capitol Reef because that’s where I live? Of course. But each park has its own breath-taking delights. Visit ’em all. (Check out this really crisp photo of Bryce Canyon. If you’re a camera fiend, that park will keep you occupied for days. For all hours of all the days you spend there, in fact.)

And here are some blog posts on NileGuide I wrote about road tripping and gettin’ your beer on in Zion. (Too bad I can’t write a similar one about Torrey, ha. Not quite as many drinking establishment choices here, I’m afraid!)

What else. Well, there are my most favorite hikes around Torrey…but I’ll have to think about exposing those, so to speak. Not like this is a rabid tourist mecca yet, but it’s always been my goal to not encourage the over-visitation of wild places that often means eventual, rather traumatic change. We’ll stick with just mentioning Lost Lake for now, hmm? :)

More pics for your viewing pleasure. Then it’s off to dreamland for this adventurer…

Blind Lake in the fall, up on the Boulder


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Peek-A-Boo & Spooky

No, it’s neither a child’s game nor time for Halloween. Rather, it’s two great little slot canyons, the classic beginner ones that everyone who wants to hike a slot canyon should do. I first hiked them about six years ago, and yesterday had the privilege of taking a friend who had never in her life been in a slot canyon! Lookie here for some of what we experienced:

Yes, ooh & aah. That one is inside Peek-A-Boo.

Let me note that these slot canyons, plus another one called Brimstone, are located near Escalante, Utah, 28 miles down the v-e-r-y- j-a-r-r-i-n-g Hole-in-the-Rock Road (seriously, the washboards were terrible). It’s recommended you have 4WD and definitely high-clearance. Since there was a recent New York Times article about Escalante (which features a great pic of Peek-A-Boo), the crowds had stampeded to the area. We saw probably no less than 60 freakin’ people on our hike, and it made our experience in Spooky less than desirable, as we had to squeeze back into the rocks to let herds of Boy Scouts pass, and felt rushed when we heard people coming up right behind us in the there-is-no-physical-way-possible-that-you-can-pass-anther-human-being slot.

But I digress. Just look at these pics, and marvel more:

This was our Chaco-clad feet covered in the STINKY muck leftover from recent storms that we had to climb through in order to get up into Peek-A-Boo!

This is other people descending what we climbed UP into when first getting into Peek-A-Boo. Are you now properly impressed with our prowess? Let me tell you, it took forever to get in, because our feet kept slipping on the wet mud. Note: don’t try this going up (when wet) unless you’re really sure of yourself or use ropes. It could be really dangerous. You didn’t hear me tell you to do it!

This is looking down into Peek-A-Boo. I climbed up on top and snapped this to demonstrate how deep in the womb of mama Earth we were.

Spooky. Yes, this is what you have to go through. You truly cannot be wider than about a foot in some areas. People who are, ah, well-nourished, should not attempt this slot canyon. Nor if you have claustrophobia, nor if you are athletically challenged–you often have to climb up, down, over, or all three, the rocks that get caught in a slot, which are called chockstones.

Me sneakin’ through Spooky. See? Narrow! And so, so fun.

Southern Utah. Land of the natural cathedrals, sublime beauty, amazing forces of nature demonstrated right before our eyes. Oh, how I love it….


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sand canyon journey

I went with a friend to Sand Canyon a few weeks back. What a beautiful, remote, quiet, immense place! Lots of history there, most of it now blown away into sand and dust.
We saw relatively few other people there, and there was thankfully NO SNOW! (After a winter like this last one, you must forgive me if I rejoice particularly so at the coming of the spring. Of course, just as I write this, the clouds are dropping a slushy rain/snow.)
We explored, challenged ourselves on slight grades of slickrock to navigate, and imagined what it was like to live here, centuries ago.
Take a look and see what you think yourself.
What do your sacred, loved, or even merely once visited but never forgotten places look like?

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