find your natural high in the high Uintas



I admit I’d hardly gone more than a few miles into the Uintas, and those miles were by vehicle, before I began writing the 100 Classic Hikes in Utah book. Well, call me a changed woman now. The Uintas are amazing, and I’ve got to make more time to explore them in my life.  I’ve still barely explored them, because the area is enormous and requires a lifetime of adventuring to see every part of them. If you haven’t been to Uintas ever, or hardly ever, get thee hence. Lakes, mountaintops, iconic trails, wildlife, wildflowers, wild views. It’s all there.


Best part? The Uintas are a designated wilderness area, which means federally protected. Yep, that means no go, all you gas and oil drillers. Shoo. This place is for its wild inhabitants and for nondestructive (well, as nondestructive as possible) human enjoyment. Hike, camp, recreate, play. I can’t wait to get back out there.



summer blooms in the Uintas

Mountains, mountains, mountains. Did I mention there are lots of gorgeous mountains in the Uintas?


2014-10-14 16.11.11

Christmas Meadows


Lakes, lakes, lakes. By some estimates, nearly 2,000 lakes grace the Uintas.


2014-09-15 13.15.55

classic lakeside in the Uintas

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