lost ‘n found

Again, I bask in the beauty that is southern Utah. I mean, really. This place is stunning. See the pics from my latest discovery, a place called Lost Lake located high up on Boulder Mountain. Look how clear the water is!

A very satisfied puppy with his big stick in the sparkles:

And there’s Eli, with that jewel-colored water behind him (this one’s for you, Chris!):

On the way downhill (don’t they look like they’re about to fall off the edge?):

Me on my favorite guy (Two Bit) with the view that never fails to take my breath away:

This place is full of amazing secrets and yodel-inspiring vistas. Quiet contemplation and joyful abandon. Can’t get enough of it. Ahhhhh…

I watched the Hillary Clinton speech at the DNC the other night at a friend’s house. Very refreshing to watch Democrats speaking while I reside in this vastly Republican state! Anyway, when I drove home about 10:15 or so, the stars were simply crowding one another in the moonless sky. The Milky Way was abundantly spilling forth, and a summer lightning storm was flashing in the sky to the east. I just had to pull over and park in the desert to watch the show with Pippin (he seemed more interested in disappearing into the dark than sky-watching, of course).

Using my truck’s hood and windshield as a sort of chair, I leaned back and took it all in. The lightning, conducting from what seemed to be a single, huge cloud, was of the sort that would produce a ferociously huge and perfect bolt that shot to the ground and stayed there in crisp relief for long seconds before vanishing. The clouds lit up, the sky was revealed, and since I was many miles away, there was no threat to life and limb. What a treat to enjoy. The desert is truly the best place to watch the sky shake and shimmy and dance. I loved it with every fiber, and watched with eyes that just want to take in the whole world.

And this night, I saw the undersides of the clouds above the Velvet Ridge glow in tandem with the rocks from the sinking sun. The light leaves earlier and earlier…summer is closing.

So I need to go out and do as much as I can before winter descends!


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4 Responses to lost ‘n found

  1. Laura

    I just love reading your blog. It is refreshing, intelligent, brilliant, well, you know….

  2. Julie K. Trevelyan

    Aww, thanks! Where's your blog, missy? You know: the trials & tribulations of a straight gal living in WeHo…..

  3. chris

    Awwww! Eli!

    My Caddy of a horse! If there ever was a horse I’d try to squeeze into my suitcase, it would be him.

    Thanks for the shout out!


  4. Laura

    My blog? I still think of it. but I don’t know if I have the talent, for one thing…. and another thing, I don’t know how much humor, wry, self-deprecating, or whatnot, I find in my situation at this moment. I fear that my blog would come across as mundane, pathetic and, for lack of a better word, just sad. Not enjoyable to read. But, as I alluded in an email, my perspective is shifting and I will keep the blog in my mind. I will start when ready, and it may, perhaps, prove cathartic….

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