Photo of the Week: Cohab Canyon

This photo of riotous color is from a hike I did in Cohab Canyon, located in the always stunning¬†Capitol Reef, with friends at the very beginning of October. October just became my new favorite month here. I adore the colors, the crisp air, and the lingering warmth in the days. Ahhh…. (I try to ignore the fact that it heralds the approach of winter.)

Cohab Canyon is a relatively easy trail, but accessing it requires some uphill hiking that might tax some. If you have iffy knees, think carefully before tackling this one. I like to start on the Fruita side–the trailhead is well-marked along the Scenic Drive, immediately south of the large barn right by the Gifford House. The switchbacks here offer great views all the way.

When you get into the canyon itself, the rock formations are bedazzling to ¬†the eye, as are their colors. Tangerine, cream, gold, tan, brick red, and more…it’s a photographer’s paradise, especially on a bluebird day. I was pretty thrilled on this day because the lighting conditions and flower display were about perfect.

This trail meets up with the Frying Pan Trail, which leads to Cassidy Arch. You’ll be backtracking unless you have a car drop at the Grand Wash parking area, or alternatively at the other Cohab Canyon trailhead on Highway 24, just across from the popular Hickman Bridge trailhead.


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  1. Oh. Thank you. I’ve spent many months (probably a couple years’ worth) at Capitol Reef and in Cohab, then owned the old schoolhouse in Teasdale until it burned. Have been away for many years, but my heart still lives there. This post of yours is equal to a visit. Love your blog. More, more! Gail

  2. Julie

    Ah, thank you so much, Gail! I do plan to post more regularly. Your words give me even more encouragement that people are reading & enjoying my blog. :) Where was the old Teasdale schoolhouse and when did it burn? I don’t think I know that piece of history.

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