Photo of the Week: Late Summer Storm Sunset








The storms in Torrey get really big during the late summer monsoons. Towering clouds, blasts of rain, swollen creeks, formerly dry washes running with chocolate-milky rage: all these things and more dramatically show off the temporary marriage of wet skies and dry lands.

I took this photo with my phone, so it’s not particularly high resolution (although, frankly, I am more impressed with camera phones every year). What strikes me about it is how the sunset light curls and snaps behind the clouds, highlighting them and underscoring their sheer power to dominate the landscape for a time.

Late Summer Storm Sunset


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  1. Ceal Walker

    Do you do guided overnight hikes? Would love some info, if you do…

    Ceal Walker
    Cocoa Beach, FL
    I am ceal2323 on Instagram.

    • Julie

      Hi Ceal,

      Short answer: yes. :) Longer answer: I am just in the process of getting my new guiding business set up. It should be official fairly soon. I’ll email you when I’ve got everything in place and give you all the info! Thanks so much.

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