see some Cutler formation

Fisher Towers outside of climbing mecca Moab are a beacon for those who like to hitch themselves up to ropes and carabiners and scale just about anything vertical. Don’t climb? Don’t worry. You can hike the trail that winds beneath and around these spectacular examples of the Cutler formation of sandstone, which resulted in the quite photogenic epitaphs to natural desert beauty rearing skyward.



Spring or summer will get you those deep blue skies for the best color pop in your pics, but be prepared for hot temps. I’d advise an early start, or at least plenty of pacing. There’s almost no shade along the way, unless you tuck yourself into a trailside rock alcove like a lizard seeking to escape the sun’s reach. Although the area is hardly a secret, the crowds here will be far less than those you’ll encounter on just about any trail at the nearby national parks. Solitude…ah, what a feeling.


2015-05-13 15.40.17

classic Western scenes found here

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