squeezing through some narrows



The Willis Creek Narrows in the vast Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument are reasonably easy to get to (emphasis on the word “reasonably”) on the Skutumpah road, definitely easy to find, and super cool to hike through. Water curved and carved its way through here for a very long time, creating the beauty you see. Not the place to hang out during a good rainstorm, but sure as hell pretty to visit.


Be sure to check on road conditions at the BLM office in Cannonville before you head out. And watch the uphills and downhills once you get on the dirt road. Some of the corners are impossible to see around, so drive like you value both your life and those of others. Most of all, enjoy the heck out of this very cool little hike.



enter into the wild

As a bonus, drive down the Skutumpah road as far as you’d like. Pretty much nothing but endless vistas, the abrupt presence of yawning chasms, tiny forests of pinyon and juniper, and the enticement of being able to wander at will for hours or days is all yours.


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Skutumpah road views

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