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I’ve sporadically blogged (on a personal level) for several years now. Um, four or five? Yeah, that’s not forever. That first blog, though, was my baby, my foray, my learning curve. My semi-focused, noncommittal foray. Hell, sometimes I was all over the map. Off the map. Did not have a map. So while I will always be a Red Rock Writer, I’m totally thrilled to have a more dedicated focus now as a Wild Girl Writing.

Why a wild girl? It’s not because I’m a party girl. (Um, HA. No.) No, it’s because at heart I’ve always been a wild girl: I squished my toes in the squishy mud when I was little, explored the 30 acres of beautifully overgrown undeveloped land behind our house, climbed the rough bark of pine trees, drank in the stupendous wonder of Yosemite every single year when I visited it with my grandparents, felt drawn to the mountains and desert and wilderness over and over. All this, and I grew up in crowded Southern California. Go figure.

Eventually I moved to one of the remotest, wildest, farthest out places I could find. Not on purpose, at least not consciously, and I never knew I’d still be here 11 years later. But southern Utah is my home now, and it’s plenty wild still, and there’s plenty of room for a wild girl to roam, climb, slip along twisty canyons, scramble to craggy vistas that can honestly take my breath away, the view is so unbelievably sublime.

Oh, and I write. But of course. I write about wilderness, wild things, back of beyond. Wild words, a wild voice. Giving voice to the wild.

It just seemed like an appropriate name. I do not want to forget the wildness inside me, nor do I want to lose sight of the wildness of the world that we so often, in our “civilized” societies, push back in a sort of terror.

Wild. Girl. Writing.

I hope you visit often.

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