wishing everyone a beautiful winter solstice


The winter solstice officially happened last night. What does this mean to the northern hemisphere? Each day from now through June will be getting just a little bit longer. Ah…don’t you love that?

I adore the summer solstice, since I’m such a lover of the light and sunshine. But the winter solstice rings special in my heart as well. I think of it as a time to regroup, reflect, and go inward. A time to look back at the year just past, and a time to place hopes and plans on the year just ahead.

Merry Winter. Happy Holidays. Peace to you all.


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2 Responses to wishing everyone a beautiful winter solstice

  1. Dave

    Merry this and that to you Julie. Hope you are enjoying so calif. So am I!
    Hope to see you back in Torry soon.

  2. Julie

    Thanks, Dave! Hope you’ve had wonderful holidays as well. Have a great new year too.

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